What is The New Life Teaching?

The New Life Teaching is the invitation to live your highest potential of awareness in your daily life. Everything is already present.

You can invite Hilde for…

Constellation work: Do you want a happier life? (1 to 4 days)

A family constellation is a representation of the family to which you belong. Certain patterns out of the family system will become clear. Constellation work provides answers to the problems you face every day. Afterwards, you feel released.

Family constellations
Saturday October 14th 2017 ‘Living by being’
10 u. tot  17 u. à 18 u.
Canterbury – England
Information and subscribtion via eventbrite and  Jo Murray

Family constellations
 Sunday October 15th 2017 ‘The joy of being’
10 u. tot  17 u. à 18 u.
Information and subscribtion via e-mail to Susan Turcot

Constellation work for school and learning problems: What if everyone would like to go to school? (1 or 2 days)

The method of constellation work is used to bring relief to long lasting problems for teachers, students, directors, and parents. It is a win-win situation for all participants in the school. It changes your view to the situation and consequently there is a positive change.

Constellation work for companies: Would you like more flow in your company? (1 or 2 days)

Which job belongs to which person? What is necessary to make a good functioning team? How can we attract more clients? Questions which will reveal their answer.

Teaching by being (2×2 days training or 4-day training)

Eight unique tools to inspire, motivate and activate teachers as well as their pupils and students. The results will not only surprise you but will give you a happy feeling as a person. You will be full of energy at the end of the day, your courses will be more creative, results for learning, behaviour, and cooperation will improve.

Year training constellation work: Is it your dream to help people? (One year)

Would you like to become a facilitator in constellation work? Would you like to specialize for schools? For your company?

You deserve a break! (3 hours or one day)

A busy schedule translates into stress on your mind, heart, body, and soul with well-known consequences such as physical and stress-related diseases. It is time to take a break! It is time to allow yourself to unwind and to relax. In this workshop, we do easy exercises to activate your self-care and to install balance. It will also improve your performances in other areas. You will feel more present, relaxed and filled with self-confidence. This workshop invites you to give loving attention to your mind, heart, body and soul.

Who is Hilde Van Bulck?

Hilde is an expert in transformation, constellation work and in living and teaching by being.
She wrote two books and loves public speaking.
She lives in Belgium.
She has 25 years of experience in education as a teacher and a director and 17 years of experience in coaching and training.


Constellation work

For whom?

Education in schools and at home
Welfare organizations
Cities and towns